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The Wildertrails Corporate Outbound team consists of a dynamic, highly skilled and diverse group of people who have one thing in common - passion for their work, commitment, and high levels of motivation. The team brings together a rich mix of outdoor expertise, international exposure to business, keen understanding of organisational issues, specialised process skills, and extensive experience in conducting training programmes for leading corporate houses.

Our process facilitators draw from a rich pool of experience gained over decades of handling outdoor and indoor programmes targeted to meet a wide variety of corporate objectives. They gently guide participants through the learning process, treating every situation with understanding and tact, facilitating acceptance and corrective action.

The outdoor team consists of people with in-depth knowledge of the outdoors and survival techniques. Our safety officers are highly skilled in conducting outbound activities - and are trained in proper equipment usage and safety norms. Their presence ensures that participants are guided through the activities without having to worry about their personal safety.

Founder and Managing Director of Wildertrails, Ashok took premature retirement from the Army to follow his dreams, and his passion for the outdoors and adventure. Wildertrails was the result - with the vision of making adventure possible and accessible to practically everyone who wanted to take on the challenge. Ashok brings to Wildertrails his wide-ranging expertise in mountaineering and terrestrial, aerial and aquatic adventure sports, as well as his all-terrain survival skills.

Wildertrails Corporate Outbound integrates Ashok's experience and interest in behavioural training, process work, and his specialist outdoor skills. His fundamental belief: walking the talk.

Kalyani Candade
Kalyani's interest in human process began with her Masters in Anthropology, and is the one who frightens us with her constantly ticking brain. Bringing a blend of creativity, marketing knowhow, process sensitivity and training to the table, there's no aspect of Wildertrails that isn't influenced by her non stop flow of inspired ideas and thoughtful innovations.

She often claims that after twenty years spent in advertising, no outdoor environment is too difficult for her to handle.

A post graduate in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Hari has eighteen years of work experience in India and abroad both in manufacturing and in services.

Hari's process training and sensitivity, coupled with his keen understanding of the industry and no-nonsense ideas have contributed immensely to making Wildertrails what it is today. That's why we forgive him for continuing to read comic books meant chiefly for adolescents.

M.S. Sambamurthy
Samba is a senior management consultant with over thirty years in the corporate sector, and wide ranging experience relating to HRM, Organisational Developmental Surveys and Strategies, Behavioural Sciences, Industrial Counseling and other areas. He has been head of HR, Corporate Planning and Development and CEO of a software company of Sundaram Fastners. He is a professional member of ISISD.

Samba usually lays down the law at Wildertrails, and since he's done about three zillion outbound programmes, nobody dares challenge him.

After 29 years of organization experience with Indian Overseas Bank, Standard Chartered Bankand S&S Power Switchgear Ltd. Chennai and RPG in various capacities, Raja is now a much sought-after HR consultant. His 9 years consultancy tenure spreads over 2 stints-from 1993 to 1997 and from 2000 to now. His clients include some of India's best known organisations.

A graduate in Human Processes and a Professional Member of ISISD, he has been associated with process work for the last 2 decades. Raja is currently associated with Aastha - a process based Non-Profit association based at Bangalore, primarily focusing on the Education & Social Sectors but also does work with the Corporate Sectors to bring in an overall perspective to this work.

At Wildertrails, we think he's quite like a chocolate eclair - looks hard but is actually all soft and squooshy on the inside.

Tarun Kochhar
Tarun is an Engineer and has studied Personnel Management from XLRI Jamshedpur. He has worked for 11 years with Hindustan Lever Limited and has experience and knowledge in the areas of HR, Marketing and Sales. His key assignments included the recruitment and training portfolio at Levers and the management of two big brands, Liril and Hamam. In his last assignment he managed a regional sales business and team delivering a turnover of around 1,000 Crores. He has extensively worked and conducted training in areas of building assessment skills for recruitment (including assessment centre design), brand building for the organisation at the premier campuses, mentoring, performance management, achievement motivation, brand equity management, brand communication, distribution infrastructure and selling skills.

When he isn't working, Tarun spends a lot of his time acting (just acting) drunk.

Varalakshmi Raja
Varalakshmi Raja is a Chennai Based HRD consultant who brings with her over 14 years of experience in industry and consulting. A masters in HRD by qualification, she is also an accredited T-Group trainer from the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS). Mrs. Varalakshmi is the regional representative of ISABS in Chennai. She has further specialized in self-development and role efficacy.

C.S. Mahesh
An alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad, Mahesh specialises in Organisation Development and Training. After spending several years in brand management, marketing and planning in leading organisations, he became an independent consultant in 1994.

As a professional member of the Indian Society for Individual and Social Development (ISISD), he continues his exploration into the nature of being human - as an individual and collectively in organisations, within teams and in social institutions.

Mahesh has an enduring interest in mythology and more than a passing interest in music. Married and as the father of a naughty pre-teen, his current areas of interest and exploration include parenting and education.

T.T.Srinath holds a Masters from XLRI, and is an accredited 'T' Group Sensitivity Trainer from ISABS. Srinath is also a certified Master Coach, mentored to offer business coaching, executive coaching and life skill coaching. He has been a visiting faculty at the Madras School of Social Work offering special programmes on experiential skill building.