Why Outbound

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There seems to exist a common misconception that outbound is nothing more than a walk in the jungle, a few jumps through hoops and a campfire. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At Wildertrails, every outbound programme is carefully designed and executed to achieve specific organizational goals. Our outdoor specialists and HR experts, in consultation with representatives from your company, analyse and understand your organizational needs, and then draw up a programme designed to deliver specific HR objectives.

Wildertrails offers you the benefit of a specialized outbound team consisting of outdoor experts and process facilitators who are leaders in their field. The effectiveness of an outbound programme depends largely on the experience and skill-sets of the trainers, and at Wildertrails you get to work with a team that has the capability to deliver the results you're looking for.

The activities at a Wildertrails programme are structured exercises developed by outdoor specialists with years of experience in the outdoors and in training, and are designed to address specific HR issues. Participants go through a number of activities that are specifically aimed at exploring issues like leadership, team building, change management, conflict resolution, risk-taking, goal setting, decision making, communication, creativity and self-reliance. Each activity is also customized to match your company's HR context, with the programme continuously building on relevant themes for greater effectiveness. The exercises are further fine tuned after interacting with the participants in the field, so that each group is given activities best suited to their requirement and capacity.

These exercises take the group through a series of carefully graded activities that will set increasingly challenging tasks as the camp progresses - gradually increasing the participants' performance levels and moving the group closer to your HR goals. The participants' responses to these situations become the raw material for review.

The activities are followed by introspective process sessions that encourage intense, meaningful reflection and introspection by participants. The emerging data is dealt with, with care and sensitivity, by experienced facilitators, enabling the learning to be comprehensive. Facilitation also helps the transference of learning to the organisational context. To ensure individual attention for every participant, Wildertrails insists on one process facilitator for every 10 to 12 participants (2 for a group of 20), so that every single participant can be observed and worked with.

Safety is of prime concern in any outdoor activity, and plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of outbound training. At Wildertrails, we have a qualified and experienced safety team whose job is to take your mind off safety concerns and focus on the activities. All safety and technical equipment used in a Wildertrails programme like climbing gear, life jackets and helmets, are tested and certified to meet stringent safety standards.

A critical advantage of working with Wildertrails is that we offer you a choice of locations across India. Wildertrails Wild Valley Camp is a dedicated outbound site in the heart of the jungle in the midst of hills, designed specifically for outbound training. The tented campsite combines an unbeatable ambience with optimum comfort and amenities, and offers a great outbound experience. Wildertrails also conducts programmes at convenient and picturesque outbound locations close to Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta.