Why Outbound

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All Wildertrails OBT programmes are conducted at our own dedicated campsite located deep in the heart of the jungle. This is no makeshift farm or converted beach house - at an elevation of 4000 feet above mean sea level, far removed from civilization, this is the real thing. A site chosen and outfitted to deliver the ultimate OBT experience.

Cicada Woods Wilderness Learning Centre - a tented campsite at Yelagiri Hills, a pleasant hill station at an altitude of 3000 feet. Yelagiri is within 4 hours from Chennai and 3hours from Bangalore and is ideally located to provide the atmosphere for outbound when time is a constraint.


In any outdoor experience, good quality equipment is critical to safety and effectiveness. This is especially true in OBT. Professionally designed and certified gear is crucial to making the learning process fun, purposeful and free of safety concerns. Activities like climbing, rappelling, jumaring, river crossing, rafting, etc. need fail-safe equipment to be carried out efficiently and safely.

Wildertrails makes sure you get not only the right equipment for your activity, but the best available. Specialised static and dynamic ropes, harnesses, carabiners , ascenders, descenders, Life jackets and helmets, climbing mittens, etc. are all made available for activities that require their use. The equipment is carefully chosen and tested by our outdoor experts before it is approved for use in the field, ensuring total safety.

In addition to regular outdoor and adventure equipment, Wildertrails also designs specialized, custom designed equipment meant to achieve specific HR objectives. This equipment is designed and constructed after mutual consultation between our outdoor specialist, HR process facilitator and your company's HR team.


While you go about the outdoor activities during an OBT, you want your mind focused on the activity itself and the learning process associated with it, without worrying about personal safety. Our safety team works tirelessly in the background to ensure that you don't have to think about anything other than the task at hand.

Our professionally designed equipment is optimal for OBT both in terms of safety and effectiveness.

At Wildertrails, no effort is spared in ensuring the utmost safety of the participants. Our safety parameters are extremely high - with one safety officer assigned for every 7 participants, you can be sure that every single individual is under a watchful eye. Our safety officers are trained outdoor specialists with extensive knowledge of the activities, equipment and usage.


An ideal camp is one which achieves a perfect balance between the rough and smooth - it is important that optimal comfort levels are maintained throughout the camp.

Wildertrails Wild Valley Camp is a full fledged tented site that has been constructed to cater to OBT programmes. Concrete tent plinths ensure a good night's sleep. Proper toilets with running water are installed. Tents are fully furnished with camp cots, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tables and chairs. Separate huts are provided for dining, indoor activities and facilitation.

We take care to provide the best possible camping experience, because we believe that there's something about staying at a good camp which brings out the best in people, nurturing qualities like team spirit, self-reliance and resourcefulness. When you wake up at dawn to the feeling of the sun's rays softly caressing your face, you gain a healthy respect for life itself - a respect that helps you face any career situation with grace and composure.


All Wildertrails camps are known for the quality of food served. Our cooks travel with us from Chennai, and make sure that a consistently high standard is maintained.

Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, participants will also be supplied with light refreshments during activities - keeping them fresh for the coming challenges and free from the effects of fatigue.

Tasty, hygienic vegetarian food is served at camp. Meals are usually buffet style, with our catering staff doing the serving in a separate dining hut..