In a world where the only jungles we seem to know are made of concrete, it's always a refreshing and exhilarating experience to discover the great outdoors. However, the problem facing most of us who'd like to get away is one of logistics - planning a great trip is difficult and time intensive.

At Wildertrails Adventure Club, many adventure loving people have found a way to enjoy the outdoors without the attendant little hitches. With Wildertrails, you needn't be a stereotypical 'hardcore outdoorsman' kind of person to enjoy adventure. Just about anyone can be a Wildertrailer. Little ones, grandpas and grandmas, couch potatoes - everyone's included.

We do the planning and logistics, you come along for the ride and enjoy yourself. Unforgettable locations, great company and meticulous planning make sure that you experience adventure the way it was meant to be experienced. Sign up today - and give your family an adventure that lasts a lifetime!

A collection of articles, tips and tricks to help you along when adventuring.
Choosing a Backpack
Choosing a Tent
Choosing a Sleeping Bag

Day Trip Checklist

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