Regular courses for schools

We can conduct regular classes every week, fortnight or month, where the students of your institution will be instructed in a number of outdoor related skills and activities.

Typical topics covered would be:

I Camping Techniques

1. Camp First Aid Box
2. Personal equipment required
3. Camping
4. Choosing a camp site
5. Pitching a tent
6. Camp cooking
7. Looking after yourself
8. Camp activities
9. Camp hygiene
10. Knots
11. Lashing
12. Camp safety
13. Camp gadgets
14. Cleaning up

II Map Reading

III Bird Watching

IV Nature Trails

V Tracking

VI The Outdoors
1.The outdoor code
2.The country code

VII First Aid

VIII Behavioural Pattern For
Successsful Outdoor Life

IX Maintaing a Scrap Book


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