At Wildertrails, we have programmes that will support and complement the curriculum at schools, adding both excitement and value. The outdoors holds many lessons for children, and an experience in the wild helps bring them closer to nature, as well as building character.

We offer three kinds of programmes for schools:

Outdoor Training
Trekking, camping, and survival training. These programmes help build leadership skills and teamwork. They also enable students to get in touch with and learn about aspects of nature that are becoming increasingly alien to city dwellers.

The programme consists of two components -

  1. Regular courses spread over weekly or monthly sessions (Click for more details)
  2. Longer camps during vacations (Click for more details)

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Educational Tours
These tours support the regular curriculum and make lessons more meaningful and interesting. It becomes easier to learn when students are actually taken to see places of geographical and historical importance that they read about in their textbooks.
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Just plain fun - except that we'll take the students to locations that they probably would otherwise never visit. Experience the thrill of some of the most exotic and beautiful jungles, mountains, waterways and other little-known adventure spots - far removed from the usual tourist spots.
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