The Hitching Post: The Wildertrails Newsletter

The Hitching Post is the way Wildertrailers stay in touch with club happenings and news. Each issue contains information on upcoming outings, club news and accounts of trips. Subscription is free with membership.

These accounts of various trips, taken from past issues of "The Hitching Post", will give you some idea of what Wildertrails outings are like.

And the water did fly off the wheel...

Thekkady: Idyll in the Wilderness

Munsyari : Exhilaration in the High Himalayas…

White Water Rafting : Alive to Tell the Tale!

Gudiyam Caves - A Trek into Prehistory

Mamandur: The Man-Eater Walks Again...

Millenium Sunrise from Nagari Nose

Javvadi Hills: A Delightful Getaway

Avalanche: Delightfully Different

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