The Wildertrails Way

If you're new to Wildertrails, here's a short primer on the club culture, and a few of the things we believe in.

Ask any Wildertrailer, and you'll be told that there's a special bond that binds us together. When the chips are down, Wildertrailers know that they can depend on each other to come through. There's always a hand for the young and the old, there's always a word of cheer, there's always a feeling of togetherness. Many Wildertrailers who have met at the club have gone on to become thick pals outside the club as well.

We strongly advocate participation as families. Many sWildertrails members have joined as families, and come together for outings. They find it an exciting and wholly fulfilling experience - and we think that's the best way to do it.

We also believe in the concept of systematically preparing our members for better and more complete all-round adventure. Most Wildertrailers usually start off with easier treks or climbs, and progress steadily towards longer, tougher, and more rewarding activities.

A Wildertrailer loves nature and conserves it. Every place we visit, we leave the way we found it. A Wildertrails outing has no place for litter or pollution.

Whatever it may be that we do, we always have a good time. And we always thirst for more.


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