Wildertrails Private Limited was established in 1996, with the primary objective of filling a deeply-felt need in every individual for excitement and adventure. The long term goal of the company is to provide a unique umbrella concept of adventure, with a comprehensive range of services which cover every aspect of adventure, and bring the benefits of the outdoors to an expanding group of people.

The company currently has five divisions - Adventure Club, Corporate Training, Institutional Training, Eco-tourism and Adventure Sports Equipment.



Major A.S.Candade (Retd.)
Major Candade hails from a family of educationists and army officers. He has had specialized training in outdoor survival, terrestrial, aquatic and aerial adventure sports. His visionary ideas, management skills, technical knowledge and passion for adventure provide the ideal mix and form a solid foundation for the growth and success of Wildertrails Private Limited.



Kalyani Candade
A senior advertising professional, Kalyani Candade has a passion for nature and wildlife. She is also well-known for her stock picture agency, Wilderfile, known for its quality pictures from leading Indian wildlife photographers. Her skills in communication lend an edge to the company's marketing efforts.


The company is supported by a team of dedicated full time and part time professionals who share a love of nature and the outdoors.

The driving philosophy behind Wildertrails is that the outdoors has a lot of lessons and benefits for us. This translates into three basic principles :
1. Wildertrails believes that facing the challenges of survival in the outdoors fosters self-reliance and bonding within the group. Hence, unlike most camps - which are run primarily for children - Wildertrails strongly advocates participation as family groups.
2. The sheer beauty of camp locations ensures that even though activities are physically tiring, the isolation from civilization brings peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Thus, benefits are twofold: fitness through exercise and an unwinding from routine tensions.
3. Exposure to the outdoors automatically nurtures a respect - even awe - for nature, and opens up minds to the need for conservation. Constant and repeated exposure brings people face to face with pressing issues of conservation, creating a growing body of aware and conservation minded people.


In the last three years, Wildertrails has conducted a wide variety of camps across India. The hallmark of Wildertrails camps are the quality of locations visited, detailed planning, impeccable safety standards and dependable administrative backing, all of which go towards ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding experience


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